What we did during all these workshops

On Sunday, 27 September at 13:00, we gather together some of the workshops that took place over the previous week for a presentation of what happened in them. We'll be meeting in the tunnel underneath Kulosaari metro station for a street-based, lo-fi presentation (hopefully, with a video projector, if we can borrow some electricity somewhere).

Lotte Bender wil present the results of the three-day process of Street Line Critics - On Tour (which is ongoing from 12:00 - 18:00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in this same location). Amal Laala and the participants of Our Cuisine=Our Stories will present what they shared, and also some of what food they prepared. Märt Põder and the participants of the mesh networking workshop will talk about what they built, and maybe even demonstrate it. Erno Raitanen will show some photos from the USB Dead Drops workshop. And hopefully Miga and the participants of human-non-human-interfaces workshop will show a bit of what they discovered, too.