human-non-human-interfaces workshop

human-non-human-interfaces is a workshop led by Lithuanian artist Mindaugas Gapševičius to experiment with the space between the living and non-living.

In Mindaugas's own words:

Five years ago - at the time when I have started writing my theses - an electrode attached to the brain (Dubiel 2009 [2006]) sounded like a secret. Or like a joke. Today a digital interface connecting two rats (Pais-Vieira et al 2013) is an interesting intrigue: what comes next? It is obvious that we deal with a state of merging technologies and organisms, a state which is described by Katherine Hayles as a posthuman (Hayles 1999).

During the proposed workshop we will consider the space inhabited and shared between organisms and machines. We will build simple electronic interfaces in order to bridge multicellular organisms like a plant or our own body with a digital machine. No specific knowledge is required. Bring your laptop. And an Arduino board if you have. 

The results of this workshop will be presented in some form in the 'What We Did During All These Workshops' gathering, Sunday at 13:00 in the tunnel underneath Kulosaari metro station.