Our Cuisine = Our Stories

Would you like to artistically explore food, meet new people, learn about individual ingredients and share stories in association to them?

Our Cuisine = Our Stories is a workshop that brings together people to discuss ingredients, share food and tell stories. It uses food as a means to understanding of our individual stories and reflections on the world. The aim is to share experiences and knowledge from various culture's to encourage communication within the local community transgressing the boundaries between art and every day life.

This is a socially engaged project artistically using food ingredients and its associations as a way of knowledge sharing through stories, memories and peoples past. It uses food as a mediator towards understanding our individual stories, enabling a sharing of experiences and knowledge from different cultures to encourage communication within the local community. It began in 2012 as a Ptarmigan project and has consisted of workshops, interventions, a publication, installations a video, a website and blog

During the 2015 Pixelache Festival, an OC = OS session will run for a group of 10 people. This will be held in a private accomodation in Helsinki and participants will share food from their native cultures.

This session takes place from 15:00 - 17:00 on Friday, 25 September. Register below, and you will receive more information from project faciliator Amal Laala. The results of the session (and some food!) will be presented at 13:00 on Sunday at Kulosaari Metro Station, as part of the 'What We Did During All These Workshops' gathering.

Amal Laala is a socially engaged artist who works with various groups and communities to instigate and engage in discussion, experimentation and play.