The Fight Night

The Fight Night game is a board game, created by Alan Bulfin and Pii Anttila, inspired by everyday domestic relationships. It requires only one skill - a close attention to detail. It is open for participation of 3 – 10 people, to be played for any amount of time. In the game, there are cards with pictures of domestic objects, of different sizes and shapes. Players take turns to turn a card over, and if it matches one already on the table, he or she attempts to get a hold of a trophy placed in the middle of the table, and to take it before the person with the same card does.

It is a simple game that everyone can take part in, yet it establishes relationships between people, as the players have to pay close attention to your opponents. 

The Fight Night will take place in a private apartment on the evening of Thursday, 24 September. Drop by and play!