How to Inhabit a Transitory Space

How to Inhabit a Transitory Space is a project by visual artist Egle Oddo and her students. It investigates space, seen as a communal process: an art gallery initially used as such is progressively filled by the daily activities of transitory inhabitants, until it may loose contact with the original purpose and may acquire a new connotation along with a new narrative.

The project opens the doors on Wednesday 23rd at 18:00, and it is available to the participation of the public throughout the whole festival. If you wish to participate actively in our transitory activities just pop in or check out our diary.

The intensive monopoly and mono-use of public space in urban areas does not allow collective imagination to re-think and shift its use, or to dream and conceive space as a dimension for collaborative actions. Via chaos and organization, the students will modify the space by inviting visitors to become active part of the process, and to modify the space with their presence and activity.

MaaTila will be open 24 hours per day for the entire duration of the festival. 

How to Inhabit a Transitory Space has been started by visual artist Egle Oddo since 2008. The project is realized in collaboration with art school Maa.

Image by art student Tinja Ruusuvuori