Culture Code: infinite meeting generator
During Pixelache you will be given the ability to meet an infinite amount of people... if you so choose. Your visitor's badge will be equipped with a system of altered states that you can engage every time you meet another visitor. Mix your elements with theirs, and a new set-up for your meeting arises. Use it for a moment, blend it with a normal conversation, whatever -- this is up to you.
IMG plays around with the etiquette of meeting someone. Instead of the weather, or "your projects", you could talk about something completely different and take the meeting elsewhere. Just point to their badge, remix the situation together, and see where you end up.

Culture Code is an instructional language which stimulates creation of own conventions, expressions and consequently experiences and makes them valid in much wider context than the obvious artistic expression. Although in its form similar to an extent to computer code, in its implementation it is extended by one more dimension: individual interpretation and socially constructed reality.

CuCo is created and brought to you by Pekko Koskinen, Jana Pejoska, Agnieszka Pokrywka and Ari-Pekka Lappi.