Mesh networking workshop

Mesh networking is a decentralised model where each peer on the network is responsible for routing traffic through the network.  Mesh networks can be constructed, where sets of dispersed nodes (using suitable hardware and technical protocols) connect with each other by wireless radio links. These networks democratise networking and give the network back its real physical dimension, often lost in the age of ubiquitous Internet.

The uses of mesh networks range from localised community services and trusted local networks of people & devices in spitting distance to resilient doomsday networks (on the occasions when the Internet and other common communication channels are shut down).

During the workshop we will install common mesh networking software to various devices such as Raspberry Pi or OpenWRT compatible routers. Participants will explore robust and easy designs for use in public space, and will figure out and initialise services. The workshop will then set up the nodes in a meaningful urban area for testing.

The workshop is facilitated by Märt Põder, an activist from Tartu living on the brim of hacking and engaged philosophy. Once a teenage hacker and proud member of the FidoNet network, he has obtained various degrees in philosophy, studying in Tartu and Tokyo. Trying to balance his weight between grassroots and governments, he has organised Crypto Parties and is affiliated with Tartu Häkkerikoda, a hacker space in Tartu, Estonia.

The results of this workshop will be presented in some form in the 'What We Did During All These Workshops' gathering, Sunday at 13:00 in the tunnel underneath Kulosaari metro station.