What's happening today in the festival (Sunday)

The final day of Living Spaces has arrived. We've been so busy that we didn't even manage to post yesterday's 'What's happening today' post, but it seems plenty of people found the flea market, the Echo Surveys performance, the tram, and the club night (among other things).

It's the last day of the festival, and that means the last day of the Pixelache tram! It's been a strange and wonderful experience, and if you haven't checked out the installations or the coffee, now's your last chance. It runs from 13:00 - 17:30 today (full timetable here) with installations curated by Kruks throughout.

The main activity today is the Helsinki Inside⋅Out open platform, where anyone can register an activity they are hosting in their own space or location. We collected six events today: a presentation on Tallinn/Helsinki architectural collaborations, Marko Timlin's presentation of his 'Bits and Bytes' exhibition at Akusmata, a workshop on making paper from organic and plant-based materials, the Pixelache Commonal Radio broadcast, and a screening of the film Free Spaces at MaaTila. We encourage people to continue to organise their own things throughout the day, using the Twitter #LivingSpaces hashtag to announce these activities. The full list of Inside⋅Out activities and map can be found here.

For those of you who missed the various workshops and participatory activities earlier in the festival, today we have an experimental presentation event taking place in the tunnel underneath Kulosaari metro station. We'll try to get a projector rigged up and have short presentations by Lotte Bender (about Street Line Critics), Mindaugas Gapševičius (about the human-non-human interfaces workshop), Amal Laala (about Our Cuisine=Our Stories), Erno Raitanen (USB Dead Drops), Märt Põder (Mesh networking workshop), and Owen Kelly (Living Chatter). Bring your own chair (or something to sit on); the bakery in the station will be open with coffee and pastries, too.

At 15:00, Krunan Keikat presents the 13th edition of their concert series, which use the communal space of a residential building for avant-garde music, film and food-sharing events. Today's concert features Patrick McGinley/murmer (leader of the Echo Surveys workshop, earlier this week), Australian violinist Adam Cadell, and a screening of the film Talousennustajat by Reetta Huhtanen. Entrance is free and kantarelli mushroom soup will served.

Finally, we close the festival with the Kino 43 sattelite screening at Mad House. This starts at 19:00 and features a screening of the film Always Together. Several representatives of Prague's Cryptoanarchy Institute will be on hand to present the film and talk about their work. The evening (and festival!) will conclude with an informal discussion and review of the themes of the festival. Just a note: the bar is closed on Sundays, so bring your own refreshments. 

See you around!