Call for self-organised festival activities!

The registration form is OPEN for the Helsinki Inside⋅Out open platform at this year's Pixelache Festival. Would you like to organise your own workshop, talk, performance, game, tour, discussion, presentation or other activity on Sunday, 27 September? Or perhaps you would like to offer your apartment, studio, office, garden or other space for something to happen?

Helsinki Inside⋅Out is an experiment emerging from the previous Camp Pixelache activities (2010-2014). This year we are attempting to open the self-organised aspect to include locations and places as well as content. This time Pixelache is only here to gather your ideas and provide a listing and information source for what is happening, and where. We will attempt to match orphaned proposals to unfilled spaces, but our involvement ends there. We're asking you to open your doors and make things come to life behind the many walls of this city - to create festival content out of your everday surroundings and expose what is normally held behind solid walls to the general public.

The registration form will stay open up until the morning of Inside⋅Out. Have a look at the Inside⋅Out activities so far and become your own festival!