Pixelache Club night #2

Join us at Mad House Helsinki on Saturday night for the second night of the Pixelache Club, featuring a selection of live music + performance and DJs!

Tonight's lineup:






Olimpia Splendid is the official house band of the policemen’s summer home and also a perennial favorite outside the “circles”, too. Heta (guitar and vocals), Jonna (guitar and vocals) and Katri (bass and vocals) are all real tearaways in the Finnish punk and underground. Rhythms, squawks and teetering psychedelia spiced up with a special visuals made specifically for the performance at Pixelache’s Living Spaces festival! http://soundcloud.com/olimpia-splendid

DJ Space Legs' music evokes the feeling of searching the web for latest anti-virus updates during astral projection. The performance contains product placement. http://fullofnothing.net/mix-by-dj-space-legs/

DJ Illyana is all about feelings and aromas without any hits, inspired by The Young And the Restless.

DJ Kitch Higami utilises his digital mysticism to build bridges between the crackling passion of Motown and the most modern messengers of Detroit.Admission is 10€ at the door, but it is free if you participate in any earlier festival activities and pick up a badge.

Admission is 10€, or free with a Cultural Coding/Pixelache badge, available at all earlier festival events.

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Olimpia Splendid