Screening of Free Spaces at Maatila starts now

Another event of todays Helsinki Inside⋅Out, Pixelache's open platform experiement, is the srceening of the Free Spaces by Ina Ivanceanu at MaaTila. Free Spaces, based on the SPACES project, shows a new image of four major Eastern European cities. Ina Ivanceanu followed artists and activists who try to regain their right to the city and their freedom of expression with wit and creativity. A cinema gets occupied, an old Soviet circus reactivated, a gloomy underground passage transformed into an ironic but glamorous arena and a factory site converted into a cultural Agora. The film shows that conditions are similar in Tbilisi (Georgia), Yerevan (Armenia), Chisinau (Moldova) - and in Kiev (Ukraine), where civil society revolts, led by artists. All actions and projects reclaim public space in artistic and innovative ways.

This is Ina's talks about her movie:  

"In Free Spaces I explore the relationship between democracy and public space. The film shows how citizens in post-communist countries, and artists in particular, fight for their right to express themselves and gather freely in public spaces. Under communist rule – maybe like in any totalitarian system – public spaces were considered as dangerous, impredictable zones. You could only feel relatively safe in your own appartment or house. Today, a new generation of artists goes into public space with their works, from performances to installations, merging the artistic and the political. For me, their actions and their search for new forms of citizenship are great inspirations for the idea of a democratic city."