Living Non-Fictions working group

How do we represent, share and re-tell real-life experiences from our own personal voices?

The Living Non-Fictions working group (a playful counterpoint to the Living Fictions workshop) assembles a team who visits other festival activities, recording their thoughts, feelings and experiences using creative and unconventional means, experimental journalism and unique narratives. The working group will also encourage other participants to do the same.

Hence, it is a meta-activity which is very easy to participate in during the festival, without adding a huge time commitment, although it does come with some obligation..

Decentralised responsibility to 'show and tell' about what happens in the festival obliges that those who actively take part – or indeed as observers, listeners or lurkers – to share what they do or witness during the Festival in some form of narration. It can take whichever representational form that suits the person doing it. The increased popularity of mediated subjectivity – mobile or micro-reportage and personal data broadcasting via social media and apps – is a fermenting space for this approach. However, we really do wish to encourage perspectives and mediums that are less utilised, and not so easily incorporated or exploited, including writing, drawing, notebook scans, and non-digitised data.

Semi-publically, we gather ourselves and others on Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th evenings at the Pixelache Clubs and Kino 43 events. We will set up several 15mins slots inbetween DJs for anyone to show & tell some things about what happened in that festival day or the day before.

It could be drawings, spoken narrative or anecdotes, one or more objects, a text or media files that represent an unique festival experience. Most likely these will be narrative 'sketches' or drafts. We don't expect final results. We highlight the highlights as they happen! And welcome the files or links as soon as possible.

Spread the word among festival goers:

The risk we face in the decentralised festival with decentralised documentation is a triple-dose Fear Of Missing Out (#FoMO): Not being there; Not having any record of what happened; Not being able to understand or appreciate what happened. But as we cannot be in every place at all times, and we cannot guarantee there will always be an audience or participants, we also have to accept that we can't stand in exactly the same place as another. With these positions in mind, we have the potential for a myriad of new voices and ways of telling or sharing.

The working group is facilitated by Pixelache's Andrew Gryf Paterson with Leela May Stokholm, Wojtek Mejor, Hannah Harkes and others.

Something to share?

Contact:  +358 50402 3828

fb/twitter: agryfp