How to participate in the RE/F/r.ACE video installation on the tram

It is easy to take part in the RE/F/r.ACE participatory video installation, found in the rear car of the Pixelache tram (which starts soon - check the approximate time table and route map for the location nearest you).

  1. Take a photo of yourself or a friend (i.e. ”selfie”)
  2. Add the image as an email attachment. Email subject: Me
  3. Send your image by email to:

Your image will soon appear as part of the video animation. The software also creates sound from your picture! Images can be sent at any time and from any device.

Images can be seen immediately on Flickr at

More information about RE/F/r.ACE:

Images will not be used for any other purpose than RE/F/r.ACE presentations and documentation.

RE/F/r.ACE team - Andy Best, Victor Khashchanskiy, ja Merja Puustinen