Alpaca Oracle

Alpaca Oracle is an transdisciplinary inter-species communication project that aims to ask help and advice for human kind from other animals. Alpaca Oracle looks at the possibility of expanding human understanding on the present state and future prospects of life on Earth by practicing the skills of inter-species communication. The Oracle sessions are arranged in terms of harmony - the species-specific characters and the willingness to join the project of all the participants are taken into account. Alpaca Oracle aims to find respect and empathy towards the other species and ecosystems, underlining the fact that humans are animals, connecting with equal and balancing way and trying to blur the borders between reason and emotion. 

Alpaca Oracle is a collaboration in between an alpaca herd in Alpaca Fuente farm in Lohja, Finland, farmer Päivi Partanen, artist Mari Keski-Korsu and professional animal communicator Maiccu Kostiainen since 2014. In the autumn 2015, the group is joined by two more humans: writer Pipsa Lonka and movement artist Eija Ranta

Mari, Eija and Pipsa will live with the alpaca her for three days and the  invite the festival participants to join in and share the findings of the experience the last day. The participants will be introduced to the animal communication and they can try it themselves.

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“Other animals are not only our loyal companions; they are our guides, our healers, our link to the simple wisdom of the natural world.” Carol Gurney