ROG Olympic Village and BBQ

The 2015 Recycling Olympic Games takes place the weekend before the Pixelache Festival starts, and the ROG team welcomes all festival attendees to the a barbeque in the Olympic Village during the festival.

The results of the games will be open for anyone to explore - the temporary structures and reycling-based waste constructions will be open in the lovely Seppo Renvall park. This barbeque will celebrate this year’s biggest and best sustainable design games. Teams will have been narrowed down from a myriad of European countries through rigerous competition until only three finalists will be considered for the top honor of "UpCycling Champion". The first place in the games will go to the team with the project that exemplifies the most creative, efficient, durable, crafted and practical approaches to sustainable design. While you're with us, feel free to explore and utilize the Olympic village constructed by the ROG teams (while enjoying the barbeque). The winner of the Recycling Olympic Games, who will be bestowed with the title of “UpCycling Champion” (and a trophy!), will be announced on Sunday 20 September at 18:00,

If you would like to participate in the Games themeslves, please register for them. And you can follow the Games on Facebook.