Kino 43 satelite screening

To close the festival, Pixelache presents Kino 43, the first Helsinki satellite of the Cryptoanarchy Institute located in Prague's Parallel Polis

Kino 43 was founded in autumn 2014 and twice per month presents movies exploring the theme of decentralisation in arts, education, new technologies and current socio­political topics. The screenings are conceived within thematic cycles every three months and are always followed by moderated discussions with experts from relevant areas. Since its foundation, Kino 43 has presented three thematic cycles. The first was on the topic of manipulation; the second one dealt with parallel systems against stereotypes, and the third and ongoing one examines behavior patterns of contemporary society.

The Kino 43 crew prepared a special closing event for Pixelache Festival, during which you will have a chance to get to know more about Kino 43, the C​ryptoanarchy Institute, and ​the activities of Parallel Polis. The presentation will be followed by the screening of the film Always Together. Barbora Johansson Pivonkova, the founder of Kino 43 says: “We chose one of the most discussed Czech contemporary documentaries, Always Together, because it points out an alternative way of living without systems and raises big questions in society.

The synopsis of the film is the following: Petr was an urban man from a block of flats in Pilsen. He studied cybernetics at Charles University in Prague. His wife Simona grew up in a rich neighborhood in Prague and was studying Czech language and history at Charles University when she met Petr. Today, they have been together for 25 years, have nine children, no running water, and no standard bathroom or toilet. The are living all together in a caravan building on the meadow, reducing their notion of an alternative life style ad absurdum. What’s life like for a man who has used his own family for his lifestyle experiments?

As usual, after the screening Kino 43 crew will run a discussion with director Eva Tomanova and Parallel Polis spokesperson Petr Zilka on the topics of alternative lifestyles and systems.

The Kino 43 crew (Barbora Johansson Pivonkova, Tomas Rocek, Michal Gladis, and Jana Bartkova) looks forward to meeting the people of Helsinki!