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Pixelache visits Rovaniemi and Jyväskylä in May and November! Pixelache Festival reaches out in 2016 with four satellite events to Rovaniemi and Jyväskylä. The two main events will happen in November and willexplorethe thematics of this year's... >>>
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Another event of todaysHelsinkiInsideOut,Pixelache's open platform experiement, is the srceening of theFree Spaces byIna Ivanceanuat MaaTila.Free Spaces, based on the SPACES project,shows a new image of four major Eastern European cities. Ina... >>>
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Today, Pixelache's open platform experiement, Helsinki InsideOut, features self-organised events and activities relating to the festival themes. Artist Marko Timlin will give a presentation and tour of his exhibition 'Bits and Bytes' today at... >>>
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The final day ofLiving Spaceshas arrived. We've been so busy that we didn't even manage to post yesterday's 'What's happening today' post, but it seems plenty of people found the flea market, the Echo Surveys performance, the tram, and the club... >>>
The tram

Our "festival centre"

Pixelache 2015's 'centre' is an HKL tram, featuring media and technology-based works by Merja Puustinen, Victor Khashchanskiy , Andy Best, and Robert Pugliese as well as other impromptu activities and presentations.
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The Pixelache tram is part of the Taidelinja project.

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